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TipTopNTidy Goes from Strenght to Strenght! - 3rd August 2016
TipTop"N"Tidy - Goes from strength to strength! TipTop"N"Tidy, Waste Services are pleased to announce that according to a recent independent customer satisfaction survey, we received the following: Of all of our customers that were surveyed the following feedback averages were as follows:
Tip Top ‘n’ Tidy Waste Services is a finalist in the Champion Services category for the 2016 Australian Small Business Champion Awards to be held at the Westin Sydney on Saturday 23rd April 2016. This is the largest awards program for small business in Australian with the winners of 43 industry categories.
WINNERS! Hunter Local Business Awards - 1st December 2015
TipTop’n’Tidy is proud to announce that we are Winners in the Hunter Local Business Awards
What makes TTT different? - 17th September 2015
Unfortunately it is a common trend in the waste industry that service and response times are slow, customer service is non existent and when a company does get back to you they often don't have a solution for you. Tip Top 'n' Tidy Waste Services are the market leaders and a proudly leading the way when in comes to response to customers.
Changing the waste and skip industry in Newcastle... - 29th July 2015
A new era in waste management procedures is in the wind! Here at TTT we are very excited about the exceptional service that we deliver and our interaction with our wonderful customers, with passion to think outside of the "waste bin" square and continually push the envelope we rolling out several new incentives for YOU our customer in the coming months.
Newcastle Business Is Turning Green.. - 21st June 2015
Newcastle Business Goes Green Newcastle businesses are turning to recycling in an effort to reduce their impact on the environment and bottom line.....
Is it a Slab, box or carton of beer? Is it a bin or a dumpster? - 16th June 2015
A dumpster? A steel bin? A skip bin? A garbage bin? The word Dumpster was actually introduced in the United States in the 1930s: originally Dempster Dumpster, proprietary name (based on dump) given by the American manufacturers, Dempster Brothers of Knoxville in Tennessee.
'One Vehicle, One Bag' - Let's keep the beaches clean - 20th March 2015
One Vehicle, One Bag – Let’s Keep It Clean! The Redhead, Belmont and Blacksmiths local community have banded together to cleanup illegal dumping throughout redhead and blacksmiths!
Waste in Newcastle, how can we avoid the bin? - 16th March 2015
Did you know around a third of the food produced for people’s plate’s ends up wasted between farm and fork? Here are a couple of tips on how you can help save on waste and $$$!
What is the difference between Reducing, Reusing, Recycling and Up-Cycling? - 11th March 2015
What is the difference between Re-cycling, Reusing and Up-Cycling? Do you get confused with all the ‘environmentally friendly’ jargon that get’s thrown around ? Let’s take go on a journey with the 5-minute crash course on how we can reduce the amount of waste going to landfill!

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